Monday, March 29, 2010

A Little History Lesson

South Carolina's embarassment of a Senator, Jim DeMint, thought that Health Care Reform would be President Obama's Waterloo.

Shockingly, DeMint was correct. That's right; Jim DeMint got something correct.

Sort of.

Health Care Reform is a modern equivalent of the Battle of Waterloo. Only, DeMint was incorrect about who was playing which role at Waterloo. DeMint assumed Obama would be playing Napoleon to DeMint's Duke of Wellington. But he got the roles reversed. Obama is the Duke of Wellington and DeMint was cast in the role of Napoleon.

But that is not the end of the story. On the afternoon of June 18, 1815, Wellington had held off Napoleon . . . gaining something of an advantage. But two armies had not yet arrived at the battlefield. The Prussian Army of Field Marshal Blucher and a French army under Marshal Grouchy were both rushing to Waterloo from the Battle of Ligny two days earlier. Whomver arrived first would decide the Battle of Waterloo and the fate of Europe. History shows us that Blucher got there first and finished off Napoleon, saving Europe from the tyranny of Napoleon.

But today it is still late afternoon of June 18. Obama has met DeMint and gained the advantage on Health Care Reform. But the battle remains in doubt as Obama and DeMint each as an ally rushing toward their aid at Waterloo. Today, the role of Blucher is being played by South Carolinian Vic Rawl and the role of Grouchy is played by Mark Rubio.

If Rubio should arrive at Waterloo, America will lose. But if Rawl makes it, America will win and Jim "Little Napoleon" DeMint can be forced into his well deserved exile on St Helena Island. (That's near Beaufort.)

Let us do all we can to help Rawl's march to Washington . . . or Waterloo or wherever this analogy goes from there.

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