Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why I Am A Liberal

Because I am an American and believe in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Because I am a Capitalist.

Because I am a Christian.

I cannot think of three more liberal institutions than those.

This has been another episode of simple answers to simple questions.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

McCain Chooses A Running Mate!

Heh. Indeed.

A Day Which Will Live In Infamy

Seven short years ago today the President of the United States was briefed on a summary of intelligence related to terrorists activities in the United States. As the then National Security Advisor to the President was fully aware, that summary briefing was titled "Bin Ladin Determined To Strike Inside The U.S."

The President responded to be being briefed about 70 full field investigations into possible terrorist attacks inside the United States by telling the briefer: "You've covered your ass."

He wasn't covering his ass, Mr. President; he was providing you with information so that you direct the Administration on their efforts to protect this country. You failed.

And more than 3,000 Americans died as a result of your failure.

As bad as that was, you continued to make poor decisions that led to the deaths of thousands of other Americans and hundreds of thousands of people in other countries.

In honor of my friend Todd's birthday, I offer this birthday song in remembrance.

It's you're birthday.
Oh, happy birthday.
Misery, grief, and despair
People dying everywhere
On your birthday.
Oh, happy birthday.

Beating Irony To Death

A headline on the last page of the front section of today's Post & Courier caught my eye. The headline claimed that 2 former CIA officials denied telling Ron Suskind that they had been told to fabricate intelligence linking Iraq to the 9/11 Hijackers. So naturally I read the article.

It was an AP article under Brett J. Blackledge's byline. I couldn't find a link to the article on but here is a link to it at Newsweek with a headline similar to the Post & Courier headline.

One of the first things I read in the article was not that two former CIA officials deny Suskind's claims, but that the White House issued a statement on their behalf. Then I read further that itself wasn't really true. The White House issued a statement on behalf of one of the former CIA officials who himself was claiming to speak on behalf of the other.

But the entirety of the story revolves around accusations that the White House is fabricating communications for people.

So, you know, maybe it might be better to not use the White House as a source for communications it claims were made by others!

Update: To be clear, the former CIA officials in question are named Robert Richer and John Maquire. The White House allegedly issued a statement on behalf of them both. It actually was only Richer allegedly making the statement. In the statement Richer alleges that he spoke with Maquire who authorized Richer to say that Richer never order him, Maquire, to fabricate evidence. It is all very self-serving from beginning to end.

Update II: Suskind is standing by his book and says it is all on record in his notes and recordings. Suskind also claims that Maquire was pressured to make a statement based on misleading information.