Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Apparently I forgot to do something yesterday. So here is a belated Advanced Sheet #4. A little one.

The Supreme Court issued one published opinion yesterday.
James v. Anne's Inc. is an appeal from the Worker's Comp Commission. Employee was injured on the job and awarded worker's comp. Employee asked the Commission to prorate the award of their life expectancy despite employer's (Let's be clear, the employer's worker's comp carrier; the employer wouldn't care) objection. The Commission declined to prorate stating it had no authority absent employer's consent. The Circuit Court affirmed and the Supreme Court affirmed. Not much there to read but read it anyway because Justice Beatty wrote a wonderful dissent in which Justice Waller joined.

The Court of Appeals issued two published opinions.
Adams v. Rhoad is a cross-appeal from the Probate Court regarding attorney fees after an attorney was disbarred during the pendency of a will challenge. The Court of Appeals reversed the award of attorney fees to the disbarred attorney and remanded the case to the Probate Court. You can skip this one without missing anything.

Madden v. Bent Palm is an appeal of an award from the Circuit Court regarding interpretation of a contract. The Court of Appeals affirmed the Circuit Court but modified the award upward. Again, there isn't much of importance to be learned from the opinion so read it for pleasure.

Guess the Courts weren't interested in writing new law this week. Maybe next week.

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